Tramaine de Senna & Nicolás Lamas

MÉLANGE & Sabot @Loggia for Various Others, Munich

13 09 2019 — 13 10 2019
Tramaine de Senna: How?, 2019, A0 format offset print of collage of scanned, printed, scanned, printed, scanned images I've been carrying for years within my nomadic art practice. 84.1 W x 118.9 H cm

With Tramaine de Senna and Nicolás Lamas two young sculptors will react to the specific conditions of Loggia‘s exhibition space. Both artists are deeply interested in the everyday life as a starting point for their respective practices. While Tramaine de Senna is focused on the relationship between  material, representation and it’s political implications, Nicolás Lamas...

Cezary Poniatowski & Sami Schlichting


05 09 2019 — 06 10 2019

A project in collaboration with Lucas Hirsch (Düsseldorf) and Galeria Stereo (Warsaw).