MÉLANGE is a non-profit art initiative founded by Patrick C. Haas and Jonas Schenk in April 2015, which has been realizing solo and duo projects with contemporary artists. Most of them haven’t had a presence in the Rhineland before. We are also interested to give young artists a platform to prove themselves. In addition to that, the focus is on the exchange with internationally active art spaces and cultural entrepreneurs, whereby new positions are repeatedly made accessible to the local scene. Through the constant expansion of this network, MÉLANGE aspires to strengthen Cologne as a location and raise international interest in the region. In August 2022 Natascha Frieser joined as a curator. She’s bringing some new perspectives and changes that will be implemented in the next months. Furthermore MÉLANGE is a member of ICOM (International Council of Museums) and AIC (Art Initiatives Cologne). We are kindly supported by Colognes’ Department of Culture.

MÉLANGE is aware of the climate crisis and would like to make an active contribution. The exhibitions are planned and implemented with low CO2 emissions. We want to be as transparent as possible with our visitors and that’s why we are going to change more and more in short amount of time. So please stay tuned.