Ebertplatz 23

50668 Cologne

Open by appointment only

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Patrick C. Haas
, Jonas Schenk (Team)

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MÉLANGE is a non-profit art initiative of Patrick C. Haas and Jonas Schenk, which has been realizing solo and duo projects with contemporary artists since April 2015, most of whom have not had a presence in the Rhineland until now. In addition, the focus is on the exchange with internationally active art spaces and cultural entrepreneurs, whereby new positions are repeatedly made accessible to the local scene. Through the constant expansion of this network, MÉLANGE aspires to strengthen Cologne as a location and raise international interest in the region. Furthermore MÉLANGE is a member of ICOM and AIC and kindly supported by Colognes’ Department of Culture.

This website is conceived and realized by Patrick C. Haas, Ibrahim Oeztas and Nora Cristea