Jessica Gsipert, Melike Kara
Honey: Bread & Butter

MÉLANGE is proud to present
“Honey: Bread & Butter”
with Jessica Gispert & Melike Kara
at Komplot, Brussels
Jessica Gispert (b. 1984 in Miami; Düsseldorf) and Melike Kara (b. 1985 in Bensberg; Cologne) both refer to the body as subject- they speak of seduction and meet each other in attrition. Originally, the idiom “bread and butter” relates to something providing livelihood, like your income on a regular basis, whereas this time it might speak of specific needs and greeds to be nourished.

Jessica Gispert uses cloud-like construction foam reminiscent of whipped cream or body fat combined with body shaping under garments that are meant to constrain the body but also provide support, leaving it open when the process of ‘forming’ turns into deforming.

Melike Kara’s site specific intervention joins the window of Komplot with traces of mythology. Through a layered composition the window becomes a hermetic display box.