Xavier Mary, Eva L'Hoest
We Have The Same Scale

Is it not, that we are all somehow connected through the same… yeah, what? Thoughts? Desires? Mindsets? Beliefs? Or through our DNA? If not anything else, it is the biology of the body that somehow defines our basic nature as a whole. Yet, despite the mutual molecular structure, there is something involved that separates us, developing the process of individualisation. But still, we try to pretend that there is something we share a common ground with other human beings, we cling to in times of desperation, emergency, hostility and what not.
This feeling of connectivity, which over the course of time had different roots and reasons, is something that very much defines who everyone is within a community, or tries to be, or… acts to be. Due to the growing globalisation that truly allowed a worldwide communication, and moreover through the use and rise of social media, this processed feeling of interconnection has nevertheless gone bonkers. One dream, one world. As old political alliances are steadily dissolving the world wide community is yet untouched by it, still liking the same, still looking the same.
While the human act of „sharing“ has degenerated into a tool of meaningless reproducibility of self-image, the value of sharing and participation has turned into an economic product for product placement. What you are selling is not even your own persona, just a given prospect of it. With Shakespeare’ saying off: The world’s a stage, ones has to ask: Which reality do you mean again? The fluid relations between the user, deprive you from the need of actually sharing the same ideals and feelings. The act is as good as the real. Just repeat the smile, hopefully someone will buy it.

Eva L'Hoest: Forbidden Edges, 2017 from MÉLANGE on Vimeo.